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Trusted By Over 300 Brands to Manage Their Social Media & Digital Marketing Strategies

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As a leader in social media strategy and content marketing, Community Elf manages the online presence for brands – from planning to daily execution – in a way that grows a brand’s awareness & following among their target audience, engages and encourages advocacy, and motivates consumers to take measurable and/or profitable actions.

We have experience helping businesses of all sizes that…

  • 1. lack the internal resources to implement an online strategy
  • 2. are skeptical of the results they will see with social media and do not want to make the long-term investment for a team, or…

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  • 3. have a social media team in place, but need more resources to augment their progress, or…
  • 4. want to make themselves more valuable in the industry by hiring a 3rd party agency to help serve their clients in areas where they do not have specialization

What Differentiates Community Elf?

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We Deliver Results Through Superior Content
The key to a successful social media strategy is putting out remarkable content that targets the wants, interests and needs of your target audience. We employ a unique four step process that intricately involves a team of content experts working with our proprietary content discovery tool, UpContent, to find and post the content that will resonate the most with your audience. The combination of human intelligence working with advanced technology makes our results that much more personalized and successful.

We Employ an Advanced, Proprietary Algorithm that Increases our Efficiency
We’ve been developing our content research technology for over 6 years with exceedingly successful results. Our tool dramatically reduces the amount of research time – 50% down to 10% – involved to find relevant, timely, high quality content to post about. This leaves more time for content personalization and audience management.

We are Cost Effective
With increased efficiency using our proprietary content discovery tool, UpContent, and with other cost reduction efforts, we have scaled our expenses down to the bare minimum. Our business philosophy rests on providing superior service at affordable costs. Instead of taking on an expansive set of services, we focus on social media and digital content marketing; in fact, we live it, breathe it, and we’d even eat it if we could. As a result of this focused specialization, you get the best results at the best price.

We Deliver Consistently Higher Quality Results Through Customized Solutions
Whether you have local, regional or national branding needs, we personalize your content to your target audience. We measure the results each post gets and discover what resonates the best, and then post more and more of that. If you are local, we study your community and post content relevant to the consumers in that location. Best of all: the more we post, the more we analyze results. The more we analyze the more we learn. The more we learn, the more automated the process gets. In the end, you’re getting the best results possible, and our prices stay the same.