Friday Coffee Break
Google Hangouts can be an awesome way to both promote your brand live AND create content to share on other social media networks later. This guide from Social Media Examiner helps get you started.

Should your business be on Google+? This blog post will help you decide if you should be on G+, as well as 7 other social media networks.

Joining a new social network can feel a lot like starting a new job: You don’t know anybody, you have no clue where to go and everything looks strange. Fortunately, we’re on it: Check out our Google+ User Guide – Part 1, for a look inside one of our favorite social media networks.

Just can’t get enough G+ (as the locals call it)? The second installment of our Google+ User Guide takes you deep inside your options for boosting your brand’s visibility on the network.

Will you use Google +Post promotions? Right now your brand page needs to have more than 1000 fans to promote posts, but it looks like they may be rolling it out slowly to all pages. What do you think? Our favorite feature is the in-ad commenting.

Even though Easter was last week, we don’t want you to miss these Google Easter eggs. Enjoy!