5 Things All Online Marketers Must Know

September 4, 2014        By Allison Maloney        in Blog Post, Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing


knowledge is power

There are few things in life that are certain. If you’re an online marketer, lucky for you, there are at least 5 certain things you can count on. 1. It’s not about you. The most paramount part of marketing is to know your audience – if you do not understand who you are marketing to […]

Amazon to Test a New Ad Platform – What Does it Mean for Marketers?

August 28, 2014        By Allison Maloney        in Blog Post, Tips and News



The News: There’s a new player – well, “new” player – in the advertising industry. If you didn’t already have a headache trying to figure out your advertising options and where to spend your dollars to optimize your return, you might soon. Amazon is making strides to enter the mainstream online advertising market and gearing […]

Ice Bucket Challenge: How Brands Can Replicate its Success

August 22, 2014        By Allison Maloney        in Blog Post, Online Marketing



I find it fairly safe to say that we are experiencing the social movement of the decade, if not the century. When first hearing of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge my first thought was ‘wow, I wish I was the ALS marketer who had thought of that.’ But after further research, I found it wasn’t […]

How to Find Free Online Images

August 6, 2014        By Katie Dempsey & Jasmine Davis        in Blog Post, Social Media Marketing



Creative Commons Licensing: Different Types and How to Use Them If you’ve been around the Internet for a while (or you’ve talked to one of us recently!), you’ve probably heard about Creative Commons (CC). Creative Commons is an alternative to traditional copyright law that is used by people across the Web and beyond. It is […]

Community Elf Coffee Break: Weird Al

August 1, 2014        By Jasmine Davis        in Blog Post


Friday Coffee Break

Have you been on the Internet lately? Then you probably already know that Weird Al Yankovich recently released 8 new videos over 8 days, exploding social media sites everywhere and garnering literally millions of shares. But what you might not have known is that Weird Al’s success is due to many factors that you can […]

How to Grow Your Local ROI

July 31, 2014        By Allison Maloney        in Blog Post, Online Marketing


LI image

I feel confident saying that all businesses look for a way to improve and measure the ROI of their marketing efforts. With so much of today’s marketing happening in the online world, ROI can get elusive and time consuming to track. This may cause small-to-medium sized businesses to shy away from advertising online at all: […]

Community Elf Coffee Break: Pets & Pretzels

July 25, 2014        By Jasmine Davis        in Blog Post, Tips and News


Friday Coffee Break

        Here’s your 90-second “work vacation” for the day. It’s Friday – Dance, dance, dance! Speaking of adorable animals, Buzzfeed is getting legitimized. The latest case study from Harvard Business School covers the Buzzfeed model of highly-viral lists and native advertorial content. Not sure where to put all those adorable pet pictures […]

Community Elf Coffee Break: Infotaining Infographics

July 18, 2014        By Jasmine Davis        in Blog Post


Friday Coffee Break

There’s nothing we love more than a good infographic – it presents all the information you need in a clean, graphical way. This week, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite infographics. Not only are they well-designed, but they can function as a great way to get introduced to social media networks! (And before […]

Community Elf Coffee Break: Ch-ch-ch-changes!

July 11, 2014        By Jasmine Davis        in Blog Post


Friday Coffee Break

In the world of social media, it seems like nothing is stable. From major social networks snapping up startups to fledgling social media networks becoming the next big thing, it can feel like there’s always a “newer” or “better” option out there. This week, we’ve decided to embrace the changes and let you know of […]

Things to do in Pittsburgh for 4th of July!

July 3, 2014        By Jasmine Davis        in Blog Post


4th of july elf

Even though we’re Elves, we still love the Fourth of July. Pittsburgh’s Fourth of July celebrations are especially magical – something about the rivers and Downtown skyline make for a perfect backdrop to fireworks. This year, here’s a sampling of what we’ll be doing with our holiday weekend:   Go See the Pittsburgh Pirates at […]

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