When and How Often Should Businesses Tweet?

August 19, 2015        By Larissa Gula        in Blog Post, Twitter


Twitter is one of the most useful, yet confusing social sites available for use today. The site, by design, is open and searchable, and when used well it’s a timely and engaging platform. But while many individuals and brands alike have found Twitter to be a valuable communication and marketing tool, the very things that […]

4 Ways a Content Marketing Partner Can Help you Reach Your Goals Faster

August 10, 2015        By Dan Quirk, Marketing Manager at DonorPro        in Blog Post, Online Marketing



If you’re part of a 1-5 person marketing team in a small to medium sized business, you’ve got a lot of responsibility. Not only are you constantly juggling 15-20 highly important tasks on a day-to-day basis, you have to prove that all your efforts are positively affecting the bottom line. The pressure on modern marketers […]

5 Ways to Boost Engagement with Live Streaming Apps

July 7, 2015        By Alyssa Haber        in Blog Post, Content Marketing


In less than 3 months after launch, over 380 years of content has been viewed on just one social app – that equates to over 200 million minutes of video!1 In a world where video sites are already prevalent – YouTube, Vimeo, Vine – what could drive this much attraction after just being launched and […]

How to Get Started on Social Media: Choosing the Right Platform

June 18, 2015        By Alyssa Haber & Allison Maloney        in Blog Post, Social Media Marketing



By now it is common knowledge that companies must have a social media presence to be successful and to stay relevant to their customers – 71% of all adult Internet users are on at least one social platform.1 Unfortunately, this means there are a ton of platforms that your brand could set up shop on: […]

For many business owners using Facebook, the “Like” is still the king of metrics in their mind. This line of thought goes back to when social media sites were first becoming a popular mode of outreach for brands. The idea was that the more fans you had on Facebook, the better your page was – […]

Should Your Brand be on Pinterest? Go Ahead, Jump “Pin”

April 29, 2015        By Kayleigh Smith        in Blog Post, Social Media Marketing



Pinterest is a social media site that’s become an almost constant presence on- and offline. Between your friends using it to grab the latest recipe ideas and websites often asking if you want to “Pin” the images featured in the articles that you read, it’s hard to escape this visually appealing social platform. While other […]

Do you know who is managing your Facebook presence?

April 16, 2015        By Bruce Kearns        in Blog Post, Facebook



If you own a business, it is highly likely that over the course of the past ten years you made the decision to establish a presence on Facebook. After all, Facebook claims there are 1.4 billion active accounts on the social network platform, so it would seem like a logical move. It is also likely […]

5 Tips for Creating Videos People Will Actually Watch

April 9, 2015        By Elicia Tedrow        in Blog Post, Content Marketing


picbasement.com_0327_smart_object copy

A recent study found that goldfish have a longer attention span than the average human.1 According to the study, the average person has an attention span of only 8 seconds, one second shorter than a goldfish. What does this mean for businesses? The need to create compelling content that grabs an audience’s attention is more […]

Why You May Be Losing Customers and Don’t Know It

March 25, 2015        By Allison Maloney        in Blog Post, Social Media Marketing



Customers do not communicate with businesses the same way they did 10 years ago. If a customer has a problem, complaint or happy story to share, they typically will not call nor will they go to the store and fill out a comment card. Oh no… they turn to Internet. They turn to social media. […]

2015 Resolutions for Social Media Marketers

December 30, 2014        By Allison Maloney & Jasmine Davis        in Blog Post, Facebook, Social Media Marketing, Twitter


At the end of 2013, we wrote a round-up of the top social media marketing things you should do in 2014. Looking back, all of the points are still very relevant and just as important, if not more, for 2015. So here’s the list from last year, plus a few additional New Year resolutions: 1. […]


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