Community Elf Coffee Break: Infotaining Infographics

July 18, 2014        By Jasmine Davis        in Blog Post


Friday Coffee Break

There’s nothing we love more than a good infographic – it presents all the information you need in a clean, graphical way. This week, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite infographics. Not only are they well-designed, but they can function as a great way to get introduced to social media networks! (And before […]

Community Elf Coffee Break: Ch-ch-ch-changes!

July 11, 2014        By Jasmine Davis        in Blog Post


Friday Coffee Break

In the world of social media, it seems like nothing is stable. From major social networks snapping up startups to fledgling social media networks becoming the next big thing, it can feel like there’s always a “newer” or “better” option out there. This week, we’ve decided to embrace the changes and let you know of […]

Things to do in Pittsburgh for 4th of July!

July 3, 2014        By Jasmine Davis        in Blog Post


4th of july elf

Even though we’re Elves, we still love the Fourth of July. Pittsburgh’s Fourth of July celebrations are especially magical – something about the rivers and Downtown skyline make for a perfect backdrop to fireworks. This year, here’s a sampling of what we’ll be doing with our holiday weekend:   Go See the Pittsburgh Pirates at […]

The Power of Retargeting

June 27, 2014        By Allison Maloney        in Blog Post, Social Media Marketing



It seems like every other week, a new marketing or advertising trend is emerging: content marketing, inbound marketing, social media management, display ads, search engine optimization techniques, and on and on. One of the hottest new trends is retargeting, also known on Google as remarketing. It’s a powerful advertising option that can boost ad response […]

5 Steps to Building an Audience on Google+ — G+ Guide Part 3

June 11, 2014        By Larissa Gula        in Blog Post, Google and Google+



Is your Google+ presence full of wild and amazing things – kind of like a jungle? If so, great! But there’s one problem with a jungle: no one appreciates it unless they know it exists. In short, your Google+ profile may be booming with interesting content, but this content is only effective if your target […]

Your Practical Guide to Search Engine Optimization

May 22, 2014        By Jasmine Davis        in Blog Post, Social Media Marketing


man - lost and found

Whether you’re looking to buy a new toaster oven or a sports car, there’s a set process you likely follow. If you’re like 84% of consumers, exploratory research shapes your purchase decisions [1] – whether it’s asking a spouse or other family member, checking with friends or searching online. More than likely, online research plays […]

Community Elf’s Friday Coffee Break: Q&A Edition

May 16, 2014        By Jasmine Davis        in Blog Post, Tips and News


Friday Coffee Break

As experts in the field, we get a lot of questions from clients, fans and friends who need help figuring out digital marketing techniques and social media platforms. It seems like every day we get a new question: “How often should I update Facebook and Twitter? Which metrics are most important for me to monitor? […]

Community Elf’s Friday Coffee Break: Let’s Get Local Edition

May 9, 2014        By Jasmine Davis        in Blog Post


Friday Coffee Break

From Google Maps to Facebook geotargeting, there are plenty of ways people can find out about and interact with local businesses online. Although bigger companies can also enact a local strategy, it’s usually the purview of smaller companies who have a lot to gain from engaging and mobilizing local customers. Here are a few of […]

Yelp for Joy! Beat the Yelp Review Filter

May 6, 2014        By Larissa Gula        in Blog Post, Social Media Marketing



Yelp is a well-known public platform for business reviews. It’s very popular among consumers – an average of roughly 120 million monthly unique visitors frequent the site (as of the end of 2013) – but it is often seen as a thorn in the side for businesses. How could it possibly be a nuisance to […]

Community Elf’s Friday Coffee Break: Spring Cleaning Edition

May 2, 2014        By Jasmine Davis        in Blog Post


Friday Coffee Break

This week, we have spring on the brain! Spring is a time for renewing and refreshing everything – including your social media. From adding new networks to revisiting your social media strategy, we’re focusing on “spring cleaning” and renewal for your digital marketing efforts. Is it time to refresh your social media strategy? We explain […]