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Implementing social media and digital marketing strategies that… Learn More



Implementing social media and digital marketing strategies that…

Captivate with Content

Generate growth • Motivate engagement & loyaltyConsumers are smarter than ever, and they want their brands to be intelligent and personable as well. This is why a strong content marketing program is essential to sustainable growth. We specialize in discovering, creating and sharing content that your intended audience will find remarkable, relevant and interesting. Engaging content sets the stage for audience growth – shares, likes, follows, interaction – and increased brand loyalty (actively wanting to consume a brand’s content).

Build Brand Exposure

Amplify growth & engagementWith a strong content creation strategy in operation, your brand’s attention needs to focus on getting your content found and building your brand authority (inbound marketing). We strategize and implement solutions that are customized to the way your specific audience consumes content and interacts with brands: from professional SEO techniques, to online ad campaigns, to social PR and beyond.

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Why Community Elf?

You have pressing, high-level initiatives and goals that demand your attention, so why should you also have to deal with the day-to-day implementation of your online marketing strategies?

Over 300 brands trust us to manage the execution of their strategies with our intelligent combination of human management and advanced technology that allow us to realize unparalleled efficiencies and cost savings. Be your company’s rock star and…

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Community Elf has helped us achieve online dominance (literally!) in our markets. Thanks to Community Elf, we have achieved higher lead generation than we thought possible in an older populated area.- Mihalko
July 18, 2014

There’s nothing we love more than a good infographic – it presents all the information you need in a clean, graphical way. This week, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite infographics. Not only are they well-designed, but they can function as a great way to get introduced to social media networks! (And before […]

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July 11, 2014

In the world of social media, it seems like nothing is stable. From major social networks snapping up startups to fledgling social media networks becoming the next big thing, it can feel like there’s always a “newer” or “better” option out there. This week, we’ve decided to embrace the changes and let you know of […]

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July 3, 2014

Even though we’re Elves, we still love the Fourth of July. Pittsburgh’s Fourth of July celebrations are especially magical – something about the rivers and Downtown skyline make for a perfect backdrop to fireworks. This year, here’s a sampling of what we’ll be doing with our holiday weekend:   Go See the Pittsburgh Pirates at […]

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